Introducing The Pilgrim's Progress in CGI

The first ever CGI animated film of the classic story The Pilgrim’s Progress is coming to life – And you can help!

For over 300 years The Pilgrim’s Progress has impacted millions and now it's coming to a new generation. Millions of fans of John Bunyan’s belovedThe Pilgrim’s Progress will be excited to hear that the first ever CGI animated version is in production and over 50% complete. Now the team needs your help - and you can receive free rewards in the process! 

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For A New Generation


A Global Impact Has Already Begun

With translations in over 20 languages already funded,
the CGI film of The Pilgrim's Progress will be FREE to the international missions community to evangelize and encourage the nations impacting the lives of millions.

Steve and Debra Cleary, the producers of the new film, are seeking backers to invest in key scenes. This will enable them to keep the production on track and allow you (the backers) to receive great rewards!

Rewards include free DVDs of the completed film, your name in the scene credits, T-Shirts, a ticket to the film premier, and a limited number of people will even get to come out to the studio in Costa Rica to be an animator on the actual film!

See a full list of rewards on our Kickstarter page

Here are just a few of the rewards you can snag

Film replica

Full size replica of Pilgrim's or Faithful's sword from the film made by a master swordsman.

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Scene credit

Your name listed in the credits of the scene. 

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Your very own ticket to the premier showing of the film. 

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Ticket to the premiere

Be an animator

A trip to Costa Rica to work with the animation team and be an ACTUAL ANIMATOR on the film.

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Help us bring one of the greatest stories

ever written, to life like never before! 


Cat In The Mill Studio is a state of the art faciltiy located in San Jose, Costa Rica.


The team is made up of talented artists and animators that work to produce quality content with potential for world impact. 

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